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Tool Theft From Vans

Tool theft from van's is on the rise


The statistics are alarming and there seems to be no letup, more than three-quarters of Britain’s tradespeople have been victims of tool theft from their vans,  with thousands of pounds worth of tools stolen in the past ten years.

Misery - Thousands of business's and trades people throughout the UK suffer.

Not only will new tools have to be purchased but the effect of loosing multiple days of work whilst their van is repaired from the attack takes a massive toll on business's.

Taking measures to reduce your risk

Adding additional van security locks to the exterior of your van will help deter attacks but the stats are showing that even vans that are protected are increasingly targeted.

Removing tools from your van overnight and whilst onsite is the best option but is often impractical and doesn't solve the problem of being attached during the work day.

If the idea of removing tools and equipment sounds right for you & space in your van allows then considering the practical Barrobox BB2 may work for you.

Proven to be one of the best methods to avoid theft is storing valuable tools and equipment in a secure in vehicle storage unit that can be bolted securely to the van.


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